Heart Rate Experiment

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The purpose of the science experiment was to determine how sound affects heart rate, and in turn, be able to better analyze personal health information and possible causes in the change of heart rate that could be occurring. In order to better understand what the results of this experiment meant, research was conducted on several subtopics: the basic concept of heart rate, noise triggering the “Fight or Flight” instinct obtained by humans, as well as well as the incorporation of technology. This research was necessary to better grasp the concept. While change in heart rate is a rather simplistic term, the following research was done in order to even further broaden previous knowledge and deepen understanding in order to produce the most accurate…show more content…
With technology on the rise, an app was chosen as the medium as opposed to the standard technique of feeling a pulse on the neck, wrist, or chest or machine which are commonly used (Ace Fitness, n.d.) However, even with various advancements being made constantly, especially in the technological and medical field, the current products are not without flaws. The requirements of the app were simple, it had to be available on the App Store, display readings that were accurate as possible, easy for one to operate for themself, and be preferably free. Several credible websites happened to have posted lists in which they went through popular apps that monitor heart rate, tried them out, and then used their findings to rate them based off of their efficiency and accuracy. Some common faults shared by apps, for example, small movements and even deep breaths were able to throw off the reading and having to carry out multiple attempts to reach a correct reading (Addictive Tips, December 23, 2014). After searching multiple websites, the best choice ended up being a free app called Heart Rate created by Azumio, as it received top ranking on all the websites it was featured on. After trying the top two top apps mention from reviews, Heart Rate by Azumio and Runtastic, Heart Rate by Azumio was selected as the app that will be used throughout the experiment due to it’s simple and user friendly technique, it’s ability to import personal information, such as birtdate and gender, and as well as the fact that it was raked most accurate and convenient on the review websites ( iMore, April 16, 2015; iTunes,
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