Heart Rate Lab

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Design Aspect 1: Defining the problem and selecting variables In this lab, we will be studying the difference of heart rate between boys and girls. There are many things that can increase heart rate, such as exercise, drinking coffee, taking certain pills, drinking an energy drink, feeling a strong emotion, etc. I have chosen to use exercise as a means of increasing the heart rate of my subjects, more precisely, 20 sit-ups. There are many reasons why your heart rate increases when you exercise, the most important one being that your muscles require more oxygen and nutrients. For this requirement to be met the heart needs to pump more blood to the muscles, hence the heart rate increases. Problem: Determining the difference, if…show more content…
If they didn’t recover before this experiment, their previous experiment would have affected their heart rate. * Most people doing the experiment had different physical levels of fitness, and it might have been more relevant to the gender issue if everyone had more or less the same level of fitness. Aspect 3: Improving the investigation Improvements: * It should have been taken more seriously under consideration whether substances such as coffee affected a subject’s heart rate. What should have happened is a more organized process where you can be tell the subject beforehand to make sure not to consume anything that would affect their heartbeat. * Basically the same solution as the consumption problem. More organization to make sure the subjects aren’t already tired when they start the experiment. * Paying more attention to levels of fitness and physical capability is important. The choice of subjects should have been more selective in that regard to make the results less about different levels of fitness and more about boy vs
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