Heart Rate and Exercise

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Literature Review The human heart is a very complicated organ, with the main purpose to pump life sustaining blood throughout the human body. It also supplies oxygen and nutrients to all areas and clears harmful waste from the body. The heart is made up of cardiac muscle which beats on its own. According to the article ‘heart ‘which was written by The National Geographic the heart will slow down or speed up depending on how the body is being used. This is done by nerve signals which are being sent from the brain. This indicates that in order for the body to keep on going, the heart will need to pump more blood through the body when say doing exercise due to the muscles being used on a higher level, which will then lead to more beats…show more content…
http://www.active.com/fitness/articles/how-does-exercise-affect-your-heart ), in order to keep the experiment consistent this aspect may be something considered. The limitations of this though is that it’s only focused on one age and one person, this leaves a gap in the experiment as it doesn’t involve other people of this age group and therefore will not give an overall result for the age group. The other control which is a part of the variable is the duration of the activity and the resting time between activities. As the time of the activity increases, the body must work harder to flow more oxygenated blood to muscles in order for the body to keep going, this concludes that in order for the experiments results to be consistent the duration needs to controlled, this also involves the resting time. As the body recuperates the higher the chances of the heartbeat rate to change, this is why between the activities of jogging on the spot and star jumps the resting time is 5 minutes. The main areas which could be improved in this experiment are the amount of repetitions of the activities jogging on the spot and star jumps, in order for any experiment to be reliable their needs to be a high amount of repetition for the results to be consistent. Another aspect which could have been improved is the amount of people used for the experiment and also the different types of activities to prove if the heartbeat rate is affected
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