Heart Rates In People's Listening To Heavy Metal Music

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Introduction Sights, sounds, and tastes are apart of everyone’s day to day life. The music industry alone is a multi-billion dollar industry, feeding off of our wants or needs. Music is a mood alternator, it alone can relax someone or fire them up (Seinfeld et al. 2016). Music has been around since the turn of the century, and there is no wonder why. We the people, the consumer, keep asking for more in different genres, tunes, and frequencies. Our experiment was to see if listening to heavy metal music could change someone’s heart rate versus listening to nothing at all. The hypothesis was that heart rate will increase when listening to heavy metal music, while trying to disprove that music does not alter a person’s heart rate. When under a lot of stress or physical danger your body releases adrenaline, which can increase your heart rate because your body activates the “flight or fight” response. Weight lifters and adrenaline junkies together commonly listen to heavier rock to prepare them for what is yet to come,
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A sphygmomanometer was given to each pair of students so they could monitor their heart throughout. In the beginning each student recorded their initial heart rate using the sphygmomanometer without listening to music three different times and then took the average of the numbers for their basal reading. Next, with the sphygmomanometer attached to the arm of one the students in the pair, the first 30 seconds of a heavy metal song was played aloud (“Do not look down”, written and performed by Meshuggah). Immediately after the 30 seconds the song was stopped and the students heart rate was recorded. After the first heart rate was recorded a timer was started and the same student’s heart rate was recorded for every 2 minutes up to 10 minutes, 6 recordings in
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