Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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Human is a term associated with many connotations. Humans encase the ability to stick to their morals in a time when most would differ on the easier path. When humans chose to keep their own morals it demonstrates flexibility as well as willingness to take risks. These ideas web together because people take a risk keeping to their own morals and therefore exhibit the ability to adapt to any situation. Flexibility is a characteristic that most people default to in order to seek a sense of comfort. Humans try their best to be comfortable in a situation because comfort and success are believed to be proportional. Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, could imply that being human means to display morality, flexibility towards all situations, and willingness to take risks. Morality is a rare and challenging trait for humans to posses because often alternate sources influences ones decisions. Humans often struggle with finding a balance between doing what they believe is right and not giving in to the beliefs of others. They want to others to be accepting of them but they also want to fulfill what they believe is right. Marlow, the protagonist, embodies morality through accepting the natives which is against the social standards set in traditional Western culture. The natives are being described as an “insoluble mystery” suggesting that they are unexplainable as well as a subject that is not worth understanding (36). Marlow counteracts this belief and tries to learn more about
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