Hearts : Hope 's Mission, Vision, And Value Statements

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Hearts to Nourish Hope is a wonderful organization located in Georgia that helps to improve youth and young adults by providing them with helpful programs and learning experiences. Every organization needs to have a clearly defined mission vision and values. In this paper we will take a look at Hearts to Nourish Hope’s mission, vision, and value statements and how it meets the criteria found in the weekly lesson. We will also discuss if any corrections are needed to better meet the criteria’s.
Meeting Criteria
The purpose of a mission statement is to “answer the question of why you exist” or “what is your purpose” (Virtualstrategist, 2008). Hearts to Nourish Hope has done an excellent job of explaining their purpose within their mission statement. Not only do they cover who they are and what they do, but they also explain how they do it. A mission statement should also be “short, memorable, inspiring, and market focused” (Virtualstrategist, 2008). Though Hearts to Nourish Hope does have a bit of a longer mission statement it meets all other criteria especially pin pointing the market focus, and being inspiring. It is easy to understand by reading the mission that their target is youth and young adults and that their purpose is to educate and teach important job skills to ensure the success within society. Though this statement is a bit long it focuses on the important aspects of who the organization is and what it intends to accomplish. For this reason no

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