Heat By Michael Mann : The Heat

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Danny Zimmerman DC 224 Benedyk May 13, 2015 The Heat Paper Growing up my family would watch a lot of movies but one that stuck with me for a while was watching my first rated R movie that was entitled HEAT by Michael Mann. The story takes us through a journey through A group of professional bank robbers start to feel the heat from police when they unknowingly leave a clue at their latest heist. (IMDB) In reading the script compared to the movie I can spot many differences. I loved the movie but the script was better than the movie. The first difference I spoted was is in the opening sequence of the film. The first scene starts out with a massive structure in the foreground and Robert DeNiro’s character arriving by train. His…show more content…
In comparing the two depecctions of the story I would of liked to see the subtle decision to use the paper bag and white intern coat. I think that this character choice would set up the movie much nicer and show the audience that Robert Deniro’s character is a mastermind that is very smooth in his actions. While these are subtle decisions made by the director they are very important to the progression of the story. In the movie, we appreciate Robert’s character for his physical characteristics. In the script, Robert is described in detail most notably his psychical and emotional state. The script states “an ice-cold professional-very big, very tough. At 42, his short black hair is graying”. I think that the script did a better job of setting up the story more correctly. I would of liked to see the script version because I think it is a more creative exposition to the film allowing the viewed to become more invested in the characters. The next scene were I noticed differences was the scene when Val Kilmer buys explosives under the company name "Jack 's Demolition” when Val is at the counter he doesn 't engage in a conversation with the clerk. This is what was shown in the movie version. In the script version however Val does engage in small talk with the clerk-significantly he tells the clerk that he is "drillin ' some post holes into concrete" This banter back and forth allows the person behind the counter to not get suspicious. The script goes on to give a
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