Heat Stress And Its Effects

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Heat stress is a very serious condition that can effect everybody and in some cases causes death. Heat stress can be prevented as long as the appropriate measures and precautions are taken within applicable time length. There are different stages for each heat stress effect and different symptoms. Along with that are different preventions that need to be taken at the workplace heat stress is managed different along with civilians and military. Heat stress is a very serious matter that should not be taken lightly by anyone and preventions should. Heat stress has taken the lives of many human beings and animals and affected many other as well. Once it affects a person, it doesn’t take a distract turn and takes the life, your body will not…show more content…
When a person or worker is performing heavy work in a hot environment the body is building up heat. The body uses two cooling mechanisms to get rid of the excess heat and to keep the internal temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. The first thing is that the rate from the heart is increases for the blood to move and the heat from lungs, heart, and other organs that are vital to the skin. The second is that the sweat increases to help cool the body and blood. When the cooling mechanisms from the body work pretty well, the core temperature form the body drops or is stabilized at a safe level. But when too much sweat is lost through either heavy labor or performing work under hot conditions or environment, humid conditions or environment, the body does not have enough water left to cool itself. The outcome of this or result is called dehydration. There are many ways to recognize heat stress disorders and treat them, but first one must understand that they can range from minor to life threatening. They are ranged from: heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and the most dangerous heat stroke. In the following paragraphs the symptoms and treatment for each will be discussed for the purpose of heightening up the awareness of one’s self and to gain knowledge. Heat rash is the most common of them all. Some of the symptoms for heat rash are extreme itching in areas that are persistently damp with sweat and red
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