Heat and Temperature

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Introduction to Heat and Temperature
Gonzalo Leon
Strayer University

Introduction to Heat and Temperature
Relation between the Study of Heat and Kinetic Theory
Kinetic theory can be describes as a scientific theory of the movement of an object. Kinetic theory relates to capacity of a subject to do work on another object due to their motion. Kinetic theory of matter explains that the same is compose of tiny pieces of, atoms or molecules in continues motion. The theory states that the actions of matter inside an object and the actions heat generates. Kinetic theory explains as well the temperature transition by the means of transmission, where thermal powers shows to be conducted throughout matter, heating up cooler
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Changes in heat capacity affect people in everyday life, from everyday activities like the amount of time it takes to cook to the construction of a bridge. Heat capacities are usually measured and tabulated in a different form of conditions for a multiple number of examples. Knowing the stage or property of the heat, (solid, liquid or vapor) of the substance during pressure, temperature and common desire composition is an important tool to remember before figuring up its heat. Heat capacity could be determined by the capacity of the temperature of an object multiplied by the mass as well as the chemical composition, temperature, and pressure of a substance (
Heat Sources Heat source is anything that produces heat, there are plenty examples of heat sources, the sun, a volcano, light from planets and moon, friction, nuclear heat, etc. Heat sources are use for a different variety of reasons. We utilize heat sources to adjust the temperature of our work, living spaces, as well as to start the engine of a vehicle (Webster online dictionary). Heat sources have assisted and aided on the development of the world by supporting and allowing us utilize machinery and other devices for the agricultural process, farming process, construction and areal as well as others. These heat sources have been an essential element on the development of not only the nation but the
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