Heath Care Industry Essay

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Health Care Industry Pam Simmons University of Phoenix HCS/449: Health Administration Capstone Marilyn Johnson June 4, 2012 In today’s world, everyone wants the most from health care. In the last 10 years, health care has changed in a big way. One thing, in which has changed, is “the way older adults are living ten years longer than before” (Imperial NHS, 2011). Another thing is that people do not have to wait as long for treatments, like before, such as” eye surgeries, like cataract surgery” (Imperial NHS, 2011), which is very good. The health care industry has come a long way than before and a big thing that has changed is the social networking. This means that more people are “communicating with each…show more content…
My role in the health care industry will be helping others to receive the best quality of care because I plan on either taking the role as an administrator of a hospital or an assistant. Either way, my responsibility will be to the patient’s well-being and making sure that they get the proper treatments and will not have to wait a long time to get those treatments. I will make sure that they get treated, properly. I will make sure that the staff members will do their jobs, properly and will always be there for the patients and residents. I will make sure that the staff members have everything they need to do their jobs, properly. I will make sure that the residents and the patients have everything they need to get treated, properly. There is many ways, I can adapt my skills to change with the health industry’s needs. One thing, I can do is to study books and go to training courses on learning skills, which an administrator needs, to make sure that my organization is run smoothly and efficiently, which is important. Another thing I can do is take courses in health care administration, management, and other topics, which is related to administration. I can read up on administration, whether it is by television, Internet, magazines, or newspapers. I will do what I can to make sure that everything is in proper order, with the organization and the patients/residents. Everyone has different perceptions about health
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