Heath Ledger's Death Alarmed

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Finding out about Heath Ledger’s death alarmed everyone to say the least. Besides the initial shock at the news, what seemed to strike people more was that he passed right after playing the part of the Joker in The Dark Knight. Not only did he do a fantastic job getting into character in that film, some say he got a little too into character in this film, resulting in his death. At the time of his demise, a controversy arose about whether or not his death was the result of suicide. Most confirmed that this is not true. Regardless of that, what let him to self-destructive behaviors? Was it a psychological illness that was long brewing before the part in The Dark Knight, or was it because of his brilliant character development? One must…show more content…
Acting became an emotional release for him, contrary to what the future role of the Joker seemed to do. When he was sixteen years old, Ledger graduated early and went to Sydney to pursue acting. He participated in TV shows and small films, before getting his big break in the international movie 10 Things I Hate About You with Julia Stiles (“Heath Ledger: Biography,” n.d.). After that movie he began to climb the ranks of Hollywood due to his undoubtable talent. He was won best actor by a few critics and was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes for his role in Brokeback Mountain. He ended up being the ninth youngest nominee for the Academy Award at that time. Besides occupational successes, he also met his girlfriend Michelle Williams while on the set and had a daughter with her in October of 2005. Unfortunately, however, their relationship ended in 2007 (“Heath Ledger: Biography,” n.d.). When Ledger got the part of the Joker in Dark Knight, he fully invested himself in the character. In this we can begin to see the large shift in his behavior that may have been because of an already brewing disorder inside him. F0r those that don’t know, the Joker is the villain in The Dark Knight, a sadistic clown that wreaks havoc in Gotham. One can begin delving into Ledger’s psyche by looking at how he prepared for his part. His father reported that he had to have been in a hotel for weeks, and indeed Ledger himself reported to Empire Magazine, “I sat
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