Heathcliff The Byronic Hero in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

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Heathcliff The Byronic Hero in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte When one starts reading Wuthering heights I’m sure they think to themselves that the book will be just another romantic novel. They wait for Heathcliff to come around the whole story, and for him and Catherine to end up together, but it doesn’t happen. This causes Heathcliff to get progressively, more and more alienated by the people around him. He only wants what he can’t have and this is why he is…show more content…
Well, Heathcliff have you forgotten me?” He gets very offended by this and runs out the door saying “I shall be as dirty as I please, and I like to be dirty, and I will be dirty.” Although Heathcliff is Catherine’s true love she marries Edgar anyways. Heathcliff’s last tie is seemingly broken so he runs away for 3 years.
Catherine is the one person in the story that Heathcliff desires most, when he can’t have this forbidden love it drives him to hatred and revenge. In this story there are many reasons that he should not be with Catherine. The first being that she is his step sister, although they are not of the same blood one could still argue that this is could still classify as incest. When Hindley takes over Wuthering Heights he basically turns Heathcliff into a poor slave that wasn’t aloud an education. This classification is one of the main reasons that Catherine choose to marry Edgar instead. After she married she soon became pregnant. She gets very sick and 2 hours after the baby is born, Catherine dies. This is when Catherine truly becomes a forbidden love. Heathcliff is so devastated by her death that he shouts “Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest, as long as I am living! You said I killed you – haunt me then! The murdered do haunt their murderers. I believe – I
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