Heather Dahl Essay

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I chose to do my research on a local ceramics artist named Heather Dahl. After interviewing Heather, I have learned a lot about her past and in addition, I believe that I've learned some helpful knowledge for myself going into the future. Heather Dahl grew up in Winnipeg and moved to Yarrow when she was 14 years old. Later on in life she moved to Vancouver and now has a studio here which was funded in 2007 called dahlhaus art. Heather believes that the environment she grew up in had an impact on herself as an artist, but personal experience, aesthetic and many more aspects also play a role in her story as well. She knew that she wanted to have a career in the arts by grade 9, but in the beginning she had always thought that she would become…show more content…
Her mind was changed in 2009 because of a rough patch she had financially. Prior to 2009, Heather had an art show that didn't go as successfully as she had hoped and in addition, the people she was sharing her painting studio with had all began leaving town. Since she was having a downfall with painting, she knew it was her best bet to accept an offer she had been given to have a solo show in cermaics. She mentioned that she sometimes questions what would have happened if she stuck with painting, but from focusing on ceramics she has been able to many stores including Nordstrom, Anthropologie, West Elm and many other big companies. Although she has reached financial stability through working with clay, she mentioned how her clay work sells for much less than she would make from selling a painting. This means that she has to work hard throughout the year to make enough pottery to have a steady income. Heather also said that where she is at now is a much different kind of artist than she had thought she'd be because of the fact that she has a different client base, and sells her work through a retail sector rather than a
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