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On 2/1/1978 Heather Reece gave birth to her first baby boy name Kiko. He name was from Holland when his Father Cosmos was away and choose that name for his loving son. He was born in the Caribbean on the iSLAND of St. vincent and the Grenadines. When his mother first saw the first thing that went through her mind ‘’Thank You lord, I love him so much’’ was the happiest day of her life and he was such a great baby. A year later on 7/14/1979 Heather Gave birth to another baby boy and named him Dwane. Kiko was so happy till this day he has little brother back no matter what.

As a young child Kiko played ball with his friends , picked mango go to the beach and pick marbles the beach was a little far but the walk was worth it to see the
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vincent his mother was in american making a living she came to visit on occasion. But on 10/29/89 Heather had her First daughter and named her Jenine she was born in philly. Kiko and his brother so excited to see there sister and mother. They got there paper within the next years in 1995 Kiko and Dwane made there way to America and came right to southwest philly. They finish off school at Bartom High school. Where meet his best friends till this day. Kiko was known at the school for soccer and basketball where got his name nickname skilz which he now use today for his Dj career. While fishing high school Kiko meet the love of his life Vanessa. Vanessa was very popular everyone knew her and she top in all her classes. They first meet by train stop where Kiko was confused what train the catch when he saw her and asked her and talked and talked till the bus came. Then they had class together and became partner soon to them they fell in a DEEP LOVE. They went to prom together and did mostly everything together. Kiko started his Dj career which became very successful in the future knows for playing to best caribbean music and hip hop mixed…show more content…
Picking out names and clothes was so excited for the both of them they couldn't wait. On the thanksgiving week Vanessa was in so much pain they brought her to the hospital on november 28. The doctors told them that the baby probably won't make it but vanessa knew that she had hope for her little one and prayed to God that the baby will be find. Sooner or later she began pushing Kiko Passed out a couple times but early the next morning a baby girl was in Vanessa hands name Keianna she was born on november 29 1999 at 12:44 am. She was so beautiful he could all tell she was gonna be a daddys girls and Kiko loved her ever since. 3 years years later Vanessa was with kids once again he was born on august 31 2003 on the birthday of Kiko’s Father. Lots joy was going around the family he was named Kenzie. In 2006 Kiko got marry to the love of his life it was the happiest day of the whole family. The wedding was so beautiful. A love like this is a love that will never fade when Keianna and Kenzie looked up at their newly married parents they saw the sparkle of there love in there

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