Heather Evans Case Study

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Heather Evans Case Study FNGB 7499 Venture Capital Financing Yun Pei Michael.E.Blumenthal Niyi Oyeleke 1) Heather Evans is a smart, hard-working individual with a great business sense, and she has a keen understanding of the fashion industry from working as a model and as an assistant to the president of a woman’s clothing company. Combining these talents, Heather Evans was able to spot an underserved market estimated at $5 billion annually with significant growth prospects. Subsequently, Heather Evans is hoping to raise enough capital to launch a line of clothing to serve the 4.3 million women in a professional environments who would be primes candidates for a fashion label that is both functional and stylish. While…show more content…
Furthermore, her ability to multi-task and still meet deadlines proves she is proactive and more than capable of properly executing her plan. The fact that while she was in school she hired employees, established an office and managed to contact potential investors instills a lot of confidence in potential investors. However, there are times when one has to wonder if she is overextending herself and the urgency Heather Evans has established to release her product does pose a threat to the potential success of the business. Another key aspect is the fact that Heather Evans has clearly demonstrated an ability to make difficult decisions as evidenced by the firing of Robert Vin and selection of a costlier but more attractive location for her offices. However, there are times when her snap judgments and ability to read people backfire such as the Barbara Tarpe incident which could have become a substantial problem had Heather Evans not consulted a friend. Once could also question the choice in office locations as preserving cash in a start-up is so integral to the longevity of the firm in the early stages. Going forward, Heather Evans needs to focus less on Arden & Co. and pay more attention to other financing channels. In addition, she should make a draft of the deal terms for individual investors which should lead to quicker response times and less ambiguity in the financing process. Lastly, Heather Evans
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