Heather Evans

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1) When evaluating the opportunity for Heather Evans it is important to analyze the situation from a few perspectives. From an industry perspective there is ample opportunity for her to succeed. The barriers to entry are quite low with no clear market leader and even the largest companies do not have high relative market share. Her concept appears to provide her with some differentiation and that will help to position her products to a target segment of the market. The industry growth rate is a strong 10%; however customer retention will be a challenge. Evans does not seem to have the requisite experience or network in the industry to embark on a solo venture. In all, there is an opportunity for a designer with a strong business plan to be…show more content…
Joining with Helen Neil would provide supplier deals and an established network in the industry. A joint venture would require Evan’s to give up some of her autonomy and with little operating management the company may have a negative impact on Heather Evans.
The private investors really had no cohesiveness as a group making it difficult to negotiate a deal as a group. Although the negations potentially could be less formal, satisfying each individual investor could be a strain on the young company.
5) Evans should approach both Arden & Co. as well as the VC representing Helen Neil Fashions. The combination of the prestige of Arden and a VC firm experienced in the Fashion industry would put the company on firm financial footing and make it easier to raise future financing. Evans should retain a majority stake but not make the exit strategy a deal
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