Heather Evans

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What does Heather have to do tocapitalize on opportunity?
Produce designs consumers want
Line up retailers and advertising support
Get items produced and delivered on time
What are advantages of opportunity?
Little capital needed
Good market niche: Unserved,fragmented, and growing
What are key factors forsuccess?
Design sense
Ability to sell retailer design
General management
Ability to manage cash, production,delivery, and quality
What is the upside?
Lots of expansion potential in“niche”
Costs of operations mostly fixed
Don’t need to control --Production--Cutting, Sewing, Shipping,infrastructure built up in industry toallow people to do just what she isdoing.
Low working capital need
Possible risks include:
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Selling clothing is hard when not presented well
Problem Analysis Heather Evans is a very recent graduate from Harvard Business School and has been working on getting her venture off the ground for quite some time. She has the know-how and skill in her industry but not the funds. This is why she is seeking out investors. This is proving to be more difficult and time consuming than she had anticipated. I think most people have this experience at one time or another especially if they are starting their own business. The great ideas of the world do not always get all the support in the world. To make matters worse, Evans has invested plenty of her personal funds in the business and has hired a few employees. In essence she has put a lot of skin in the game. So there is no option of just deciding that the venture was not a success. To put the icing on the cake it seemed for a little while that Evans had found a sole investor. However after seeing the unprofessional manner and lack of attention to Evans that was shown by the investor, Evans decided not to pursue the possibility of this investor. Without fund Evans may be forced to abandon the venture. And time is pressing against her. With a lot of personal funds already invested she has a limited window of time that she will have before she will not have enough money to sustain herself while the business grows to where she could take a salary
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