Essay on “Heaven Scenario.”

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Outline Thesis: Each day as the advancements of technology doubles, the world will soon not worry about diseases and health; everyday gene technology will better our minds, bodies, and most future generations, thus making the “Heaven Scenario.” I. Introduction A. Quote from Alan Kay in Radical Evolution Pg. 88 B. Importance of Genetic Engineering C. Thesis Statement II. History of Gene Therapy A. Definition of Gene Therapy B. Why they study Genomics 1. Quote from Rob DeSelle 2. Help from Organizations III. Oganizations that fund studies A. Who's DARPA B. Who's CAP 1. Example of unstoppable human being 2. Quote from Goldblatt 3. Benefits of organizations IV. National Science Foundation A. Believed in Heaven…show more content…
Then you attack it” (Garreau 28-30). Organizations such as DARPA and CAP strive to make unstoppable human beings. For instance, take the well-developed movie Gattaca which came to theaters in 2010 and was about a man that manipulates his DNA to hide his identity to be a more advanced, genetically engineered, human being. No one is capable of stopping him from becoming a better meaningful species to society. Most Americans strive to build themselves up to become the best they can be. Americans' study the use of DNA manipulation in bodies and cells to help fight off diseases and illnesses such as the common cold or flu. Goldblatt proclaims, “We do not fear the unknown, and we relish exploring the unknowable” (Garreau 19). Americans should be more like this quote and strive to become the best species that has ever existed. DARPA is studying a vaccine that will help in pain management. Such vaccines will make milestones in terms of medicine. If someone is hurt they will feel the first trigger of pain but the pain will soon subside (Garreau 19-28). This pain vaccine will have many benefits to Americans dealing with diseases and to society. The National Science Foundation believed in the “Heaven Scenario”: They predicted in 10-20 years the world will evolve much better. Wearable sensors will enhance every person’s awareness of his or her health condition, environment, chemical pollutants, potential hazards, and information of interest about
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