Heaven and Hell

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Certain individuals are not very intrigued with the idea of studying religion or even becoming a part of a religious faith. These individuals believe that they are comfortable with knowing what their lives are about and have no interest in learning about what religions have to say about life and death. As a McMaster University student, I have learned to become open to many different perspectives of life throughout my years of studies here. Within the class RS 2M03 (Religious Studies: Death & Dying: Comparative Views), I have been able to acquire the ability to understand certain people’s positions with their religious beliefs and what values they have behind them. As the Christmas break is coming very quickly as my third year is about half…show more content…
The Samurai believe that if you continue to think about tomorrow, you will only add baggage into your life (Penner, The Way of the Samurai, 2013). The Samurai also believe in not letting failure, guilt and shame from becoming a part of someone’s life; but rather letting these things go and acting in such a way in which you believe is right (Penner, The Way of the Samurai, 2013). This way, you will knowingly act in a way in which is a part of the ‘one’ and not acting for self-greed. Heidegger believes that we should care as to how we life and the things within it; however, the Samurai disagree. Heidegger’s explanation of death is that it brings ‘angst’ and that we stop and consider how it would affect us in our day to day lives (Penner, Heidegger and the Gift of Death, 2013). Heidegger says we use the ‘angst’ to confront death and that it changes our ‘plans’ that we construct for our lives (Penner, Heidegger and the Gift of Death, 2013). I do not necessarily see death as a way to change our plans that we make as I believe with every new day should bring a new life to live- a new adventure to explore. This way closely resembles the ‘Way of the Samurai’ as when you kill yourself every morning; it is like you are beginning a new life with newly faced challenges to reaching the ‘one’. My

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