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With the launching of Heavenly Chocolates’ website and online sales exceeding company’s expectations, the managerial team is interested in learning about online shoppers behaviors so they can make better managerial decisions based on its findings. This report is based on a sample of 50 online transactions picked randomly from Heavenly Chocolates’ website and uses descriptive statistics methods to learn more about customers. More specifically, it will cover the time spent on website, number of pages viewed, and money spent during their visit to the website, as well as the relationships among these variables. In addition, it discusses the effect that the day of the week and the type of browser have on sales.
Online shoppers spend a median
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As commented before, the data presents a rightward skewness of 1.05. 70 % of online shoppers spend between $25 and $75 and the top 25th percentile of our customers spend between $84 and $158.
The day that seem to have more sales is Fridays with 22%, followed closely by Mondays with 18% of total transactions. Also, these are the days online shoppers spend the most money with 28% on Fridays and 24% on Mondays. The average amount spent on these days are also the highest among the days of the week with $90.38. Out of the 50 transactions, 21 of them spend $50 to $75.
Internet Explorer is the browser most frequently used with 54% of online shoppers navigating with it. Also, it accounts for 48% of the amount spent among online transactions and an average of $61.36 per transaction. Secondly, follows Firefox with 32% of online shoppers using this browser, 36% of amount spent, and an average of 76.76 per transaction. Lastly, online shoppers use other browsers, and although it accounts for only 14% of customers and 15% of amount spent, the average transaction cost is 74.48, higher than customers using Internet Explorer.
The time spent on website and the dollar amount spent show a moderately positive correlation of 0.58 between the two variables. This means that as the time spent navigating the website increases, the amount spent increases as well. Another important fact to mention is that Fridays and Mondays are also the days
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