Heavy Metal Treatment Essay

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Heavy metal treatment by a new adsorption method from polluted drinking waters Introduction Wastewater containing copper and cadmium can be produced by different types of industries. The average increasing of heavy metal accumulation in the environment has led to new and improved cleaning technologies. In this regard, an innovative heavy metal removal process composed of biosorption was developed [1]. The study of [2] shows the result of heavy metal measurements with ICP-MS. Their conclusions were applied in our study also. They determined the full method of measurements from the injection to the data analyse. The ICP-MS technique is sutibale for the measurement of different heavy metal concentrations in natural water samples [2].…show more content…
An exponential correlation was found between the metal partition coefficient, logKp, and the suspended solids concentration. The mass balance of heavy metals in the primary, secondary and the whole treatment process showed good closures for metal species [7] [8]. All heavy metals were detectable in the wastewater samples with a frequency of occurrence about 100% and only Pb was detected at lower frequency (90%). [9] reported that the phase distribution of individual metals exhibited only small change during the treatment process with a slight progressive increase of the dissolved phase of some metals after each treatment step. [10] reported in their study that the sorption of copper and cadmium ions using activated carbon, waste materials (such as compost, cellulose pulp waste and anaerobic sludge) as sorbent. According to the study the copper being preferentially adsorbed by all materials the exception of anaerobic sludge [11] [12]. [13] presented that reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) technologies for the treatment of wastewater containing copper and cadmium ions to reduce environmental load. The synthetic wastewater samples containing copper and cadmium ions at various concentrations were prepared in the laboratory. The results showed that high removal efficiency of the heavy metals could be achieved by RO process (98% and 99% for copper and cadmium). Copper ions were successfully removed from the
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