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Heavy metal in the 1980’s is hard to describe. Its static style did not change much from the 1970’s, but the lyrics, image, and theatrics took a step forward. Heavy metal had a huge impact in the 1980’s and there were many successful bands.
Van Halen took heavy metal to new heights. After more than two decades of playing sold-out concert halls, selling millions of albums and enduring various lineup changes and solo projects, Van Halen is recognized as one of the most resilient and successful rock bands to emerge from the 1970s and continue into the 1980’s. Eddie and Alex Van Halen were raised in Pasadena, the children of Dutch immigrants who immigrated to California in 1967. The Van Halen brothers grew up taking classical piano lessons.
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All was not well within the band, however. Rising tensions between Roth and the other band members were increasingly evident; on their 1984 world tour the band didn't even play on the same stage, but rather performed on four separate platforms, symbolic of the escalating rift among its members. Finally, in 1985, after taking time off to record a successful solo album (and delaying work on the follow-up to 1984) Roth parted ways with Van Halen. This group proved to be the starting point of heavy metal, starting out in the 1970’s and continuing through the first half of the 1990’s.
After groups paved the way for heavy metal, one band can be the representative of the heavy metal style in the 1980’s. Metallica was formed on October 15, 1981 by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Lars played the drums while James was on vocals and guitar. Kirk Hammett joined the band in 1982 and became the band’s lead guitarist. Metallica’s bass player was Jason Newsted, after their first bassist, Cliff Murton, was killed in a bus crash. It was on March fourteenth that Metallica played their first gig at radio city Anaheim in California. On June fourteenth the Metal Massacre LP was released and it was Metallica's first appearance on an official record. The first release of the LP contained a few mistakes including band’s name being miss spelt Mettallica and Lloyd grants name being misspelled as Loydd Grant.
1983 was the year that Metallica really made an impact. They moved to San
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