Heavy Use Of Technology In F Scotts Fitzgerald By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In today’s technology riddled world, society has changed its acceptable moral behavior. We tend to value material possessions a lot more than we do people or life in general. We allow this type of gluttonous behavior in our society because we enjoy the tangible things that we can manipulate. We enjoy the mental stimulation it provides us, and we can get enough of it which turns us to be greedier than we used to. We put so much value in material wealth that we are willing to obtain it even when it requires taking people’s livelihood, their lives, and even other creature's lives. We have ingrained it into our minds that bigger is better and we have in established it into the future generation's minds that this type of behavior is acceptable and it is what you need to do to show everyone that you are successful. This mainly happens in first world countries and some third world countries. The main reason for this is that people can’t make meaningful relationships as they used to and this can be attributed to the heavy use of technology. The visual stimulation that technology provides makes us addicted to your screens causing us to disregard the need for any social contact in the real world. Along with that for people to establish a meaningful relationship they must go through hardship together and take risks together, and that is greatly nullified with social media and heavy use of technology altogether. Along with that, the author F. Scotts Fitzgerald portrayed material wealth

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