Hebrew Mishtey Shelomoah: The Book Of Proverbs Of Solomon

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The book of Proverbs is tilted in Hebrew Mishtey Shelomoh “The Proverbs of Solomon”; however, the book of Proverbs does not mention the history of Israel, but it focuses on everyday human interactions in the community (dCW Lecture #31). In Kings 4:29 we observe a tribute to Solomon, it reads, “God gave Solomon great wisdom, discernment, and breadth of understanding…so that Solomon’s wisdom surpassed all the people of the east,” however Solomon did not author the book of Proverbs (dCW Lecture #31). The book of Proverbs is an anthology a “collections of collections” which achieve its final form during the latter part of the postexilic period (dCW Lecture #31). It is divided into seven parts with a heading for every part (dCW Lecture #31). In
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