Hebron Middle School Research Paper

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Students are needlessly punished for a malfunctioning chromebook battery and no way to charge their chromebooks. According to Samsung “After a year the chromebook battery lasts about 4 to 5 hours,” but the school day at Hebron Middle School lasts around 6 hours. After one year students are experiencing this problem. A student at Hebron Middle School could use their chromebook in all 8 periods of the day. Once the student reaches 7th or 8th period their chromebooks may die. To help better the Hebron Schools the “No chromebook chargers at school” should be improved because it is ineffective.

The rule states that “Chargers don’t come to school; devices should be fully charged daily.” The rule have proved to be an issue because students already
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By changing the rule the school could improve because teachers will not need to loan out as many chargers. The new rule would allow students to not be penalized for bringing their chargers to school, and would even solve the problem of the chromebooks dying randomly. The rule change would let students have more freedom to chose whether or not they bring a…show more content…
The batteries in the chromebooks are malfunctioning instead of changing the batteries, allow chargers at school. Yes, some teachers and principals may disagree but the alternative is making batteries that increase the carbon emissions that hurt the environment. Letting students bring their chargers can even be more cost effective than buying batteries for every student. The improvement to the rule could help improve the school for the
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