Hector Dialectical Journal

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(House) “What else have you got in there?” Hector asked, genuine curiosity lacing his voice as he placed the glasses back down on the desk. “I don’t know” Phoenix smiled back “I was hoping maybe you’d stay up here with me while I go through some of it so I’m not by myself in case something goes wrong” Hector nodded to the chest “show me what else you have” he ordered. Phoenix quickly rummaged through his chest, pulling out some more papers that he’d read later on and placed them carefully aside before pulling out a small ring, only big enough to fit on his pinky finger. “What is this?” He asked Hector slowly, examining his hand with the new piece of jewelry attached to it “what does it do?” Hector’s face twisted into one of confusion “how…show more content…
Phoenix dropped the orb like it was made of fire and turned a rather impressive shade of scarlet. “I’ll be sure to tell Mike the door should stay open” Hector drawled out, clearly unimpressed. “Your turn” Phoenix whispered. Hector was rather enthusiastic to handle the ball, his entire face lit up when it began to glow. However his excitement was short lived when the picture came into focus. It showed blood coated hands and nothing more, Hector dropped the ball and it bounced across the floor eventually rolling under Carter’s bed. “What does this mean?” Phoenix asked his eyes wide. “you’re going to die?” “No, there was a tattoo of a cross on that hand” Hector sighed, his energy deflating. “Hey Mike has one like tha-” Nix stopped himself mid sentence, not even wanting to finish what he knew he was about to say. “Nothing is going to happen to your mentor” Hector assured. Phoenix nodded back, the two of them sitting silently in the room for a few minutes before the ground started to shake, a loud crackling noise followed along with a blinding light that left them both stunned, they both knew what that meant. “So soon?” Phoenix asked still in shock. Hector nodded in response “Luna has
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