Hector Happiness

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While studying the film Hector and The Search for Happiness, I grasped innumerable concepts of life. Hector encountered happiness in a bind of adventures on his international quest throughout Shanghai, China, Southwest Africa, and Los Angeles, California. Hector registered his short-comings and resilience as newfound ways of life. Hector’s starved curiosity for happiness structured my denotation of jubilation by enlightening myself to live on purpose with a purpose, that circumstances does not determine my life, and that there’s no such thing as a life that’s better than mine. Hector became distinct to the little boy that dwelled inside of him when the commence of his free rein to discover happiness began. While in Shanghai, China, Hector assimilated that “Many people only see happiness in their future.” As I digested this rule of Hector’s, I apprehended that everyday sentient and buoyant beholds a purpose, prompting myself to live intentionally. I observed Hector bear day by day, healing the sick, grappling for his life, and…show more content…
“Sweet potato stew lady” briefed Hector that the significance of fear was temporary and survival was imminent. Hector inscribed “Fear is an impediment to happiness”, divulging to me that circumstances does not determine my life. As Hector is kidnapped, abused, and starved, I perceived that this will not hinder him from the excursion of fulfilling the urge to acquire happiness. I am heartened of my perception when Hector disenthralled from impairment, running with a smile and subsequently dancing in the company of “Sweet potato stew lady”, that trouble does not last always. Fathoming notions of a steadfast mindset, stabilizes my strive to receive life as clay, both mold to what you make
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