Hector 's Behavior On The Playground

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“Early in 1st grade, Hector participated in a new behavioral program to address his sudden mood swings and frequent arguments and fights – both during class and on the playground. His teacher taught Hector specific social skills to improve his competence in such areas as answering questions, controlling his anger, and getting along with others. While working in a small cooperative group with three other students, Hector was able to observe firsthand other children who behaved properly at school. By the end of 1st grade, Hector’s behavior had changed dramatically. Hector was appropriately engaged and worked hard to complete his academic assignments each day. His behavior on the playground improved as well. Rather than response impetuously, Hector kept his temper and played cooperatively with other children. No longer viewed as a disruptive student, Hector, and his family, now look forward to a bright future with realistic hopes for continued success and high achievement in 2nd grade and beyond.” (“History of IDEA”, 2007 p. 1,2) This is only one example of how the components of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has impacted education of students with learning disabilities. Many children like Hector were not given opportunities to excel in academies and some were not even allowed in schools until after IDEA was created in 1975 (“History of IDEA”, 2007 p. 1). The creation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act opened many doors for students’
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