Hedda Gabler By Henrik Ibsen

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Women have always been a point of interest in the eyes of many readers in all time periods. They are seen by society as mysterious, beautiful, sometimes outspoken, and so much more. However, women of today 's day and age don 't hold a candle next to the Victorian Era’s Hedda in the play Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen. Hedda Gabler, although a heinous person at heart, is an extremely powerful woman who uses that power to mask her own fears. So why is it that Hedda Gabler displays herself in such a manner? Within this essay the reader will learn how Hedda acts, the forms in which she controls those around her, in what ways she gets exactly it is that she wants, when and how she wants it, as well as what her fears are and where they may have stemmed from. In the play, the author, Henrik Ibsen, describes Hedda as a women caught up with only the aesthetic aspects of life. She cares not for the feelings or well-being of those around her, but rather how those same people view her. As any woman in this time period would desire, especially a prestigious one being born from a general, a spotless and well rounded reputation is essential in obtaining respect , gaining power, and going on about simple day to day living. As described by one scholar, “Their work ranged from the grand sweep of politics to the minutiae of everyday life” (Maitzen). Often, Hedda would put aside responsibility and other tasks to focus on her beauty and how she was viewed. Her beauty was one of the many

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