Hedda Gabler Essay

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Hedda Gabler In the beginning when the reader meets Hedda Gabler, one can see how she is quite a high maintenance character by how she complains that the maid has” opened the door. I’m drowning in all this sunlight." (Ibsen 1469). Exerting her power over her husband, George Tesman, she demands him to close the curtains, which he does complacently. Later Hedda notices an old hat lying on the chair and worries that someone may have seen it. When she learns that the hat belongs to Miss Tesman, George's dear aunt, she does not apologize for her comment which shows her tendency to belittle others, even if they are family. Hedda utters to her husband, "But where did she get her manners, flinging her hat around any way she likes here in the…show more content…
Elvsted. True to her character, Hedda rips out the pages in Lovborg's manuscript, which Mrs. Elvsted helped him write, and throws them into the stove. Crazed, Hedda exclaims, "I'm burning your child, Thea! You with your curly hair! Your child and Eilert Lovborg’s. I'm burning it! I'm burning your child" (Ibsen 1456). Right before this manic event, Hedda urges Lovborg to commit suicide, gives him one of her pistols, and expresses her desire for him to do it “in beauty" (1456). Once she persuades Lovborg to commit suicide, Hedda can no longer suppress her internal conflicts and shoots herself in the head. The reader can assume that Hedda commits suicide beautifully, as she hoped Lovborg would do. Her motto of "people just don’t act that way," proves to be false because her actions are exactly what she says people do not do. Throughout Hedda Gabler, the main character possesses much contempt for her husband, insults others, and resents a former acquaintance. Despite her concern with society's opinion of her, she feels trapped within society's standards to act a certain way. Yet, in doing so, she becomes dejected from others and society as a whole. Repeatedly, she uses the following phrase: "People just don’t act that way," in an attempt to suppress her internal desires to be like one of those people. By the end, Hedda cannot live torn between two different realities; she chooses to behave like

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