Hegemonic Hypocrisy: A Victim of Social Scriptorium

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With the passage at hand, Dr. Ella Shohat discusses about the case of being an Arab Jew, a historical paradox, as one of many social elisions. Unlike the idea of intersectionality, binarism leaves “little place for complex identities” (Shohat, 2). As an American, Jew, and Arab, she speaks of the disparities amidst a war involving all three cultural topographies. Albeit she speaks from a subjective standpoint, she does not mention the issue of racial hygiene, class, geographic divisions, and gender. Passages from Guenter Lewy, Melissa Wright, and Philippe Bourgois will be used to discuss the way in which different positionalities might affect the analysis of “Dislocated Identities.”
In “Dislocated Identities,” Dr. Shohat tells of the
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The people so called Mexicana possesses a double identity in which the coexistence of hybridity is not permitted. In other words, as explained by Rosalia: “Here you have to be one thing or the other. You are either Mexican or American. There is no place for a Mexican American here” (Wright, 219). In the case of Mexico, there are physical borderlands. However, Shohat’s story [and Bourgois’s story which will be mentioned later in this paper] proves that borders can exist independently from physical borders and is perhaps the cause of physical borderlands. In the maquiladora, engineers were Americans whereas laborers were Mexicans. Similar to the Nazi’s view of the Gypsies as parasites, Mexicans were also treated in the same way: “Today, on the U.S. side, a dramatic militarization (Dunn 1996), a rekindled enthusiasm for walls that physically delineate the political line, and widespread condemnation of Mexican immigrants as parasites in ‘American’ society have grained social networks and antagonized historical tensions on both sides” (Wright, 209). Other than the disparity between Mexicans and Americans, Wright speaks from a white American feminist perspective on the issue of Cynthia’s mistreatment

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