Hegemonic Masculinity

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In a world of constant dichotomies, there is always a debate of what is right and wrong, which creates division amongst political and societal lines. The fixed binary concept of gender has come under scrutiny as it creates stereotypical views on the behaviors of a man and woman, in the aspects of what really defines masculinity and femininity. However, it seems to be that, not only can gender be fluid but the behaviors associated with “men and women” can fall within a continuum of gender performances. It is through one’s actions, that gender identity is expressed and they can come in a range from mild to extreme behaviors, the latter being the strict boundaries on the way one should be acting in society. This idea being that women should be ladylike and men should be strictly masculine. Hegemonic masculinity is constantly reaffirmed and challenged by men across cultures, in some places it can create aspects of toxic masculinity, while in others, men try to offer a softer side of this defined behavior. Toxic masculinity depicts the extreme conformity of traditionally male characteristics, which can create harmful societal effects as men try to overly showcase these “toxic” masculine norms.
Gender has become a word that is really meant to create a set example of cultural expected ideas and behaviors for the different sexes. In order to make life easier to understand society creates this dichotomy of gender standards to mold the idea of what is or is not a gender. Through the
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