Hegemonic Masculinity : Masculinity And Masculinity

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Introduction In today’s North American society it is in the interest of most boys to be able to pursue an image that will help them fit in, whether it is at school, at home, or with their peers. In this case that image is usually hegemonic masculinity. Hegemonic masculinity may be defined as the ‘macho man’ seen vastly in today’s media; he is tough, smart, good at sports, gets all of the girls but yet, is sexist towards them. There is a constant fear of being emasculated by peers making most boys believe that in order to keep their masculine image, violence will help reassure that. It is in society’s best interest that as many boys as possible acquire the hegemonic masculinity image. From a young age it is common to see boys fighting on a playground, playing with toy guns, and using profound threats; however, parents, teachers, and other members of society often fail to stop these actions because they instead accept them as the norm and claim that ‘boys will be boys’. It is evident that violence plays a huge role in shaping one’s masculine image. This paper will address the many different possible causes as to what may influence an individual to become violent, by analyzing the different agents of socialization, psychological, anthropological, and social theories. I will also relate it to my personal experience as being both the victim and perpetrator to violence and what factors were used to cause such delinquent acts. By doing so, it will be concluded that the
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