Hegemonic Masculinity : Masculinity And Masculinity

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Multiple Masculinities

The certain qualities a man processes plays into how masculine he is rated to be. The way he portrays himself in his looks, actions and everyday life paints a bigger picture for the type of male he is. Connell argues that hegemonic masculinity is the ultimate goal that men strive for. Hegemonic masculinity is the idea of men being powerful, strong and dominant. Not many people actually live up to this theory, but nearly all men strive to achieve it. Marginalized masculinity and subordinated masculinity branch off of hegemonic masculinity. Marginalized masculinity is the idea that structural factors such as race or economic class compose difficulties on reaching the goal of hegemonic masculinity. Subordinated masculinity correlates specifically to homosexual men. Although possessing feminine personality traits, these men can earn “masculinity insurance” if they portray themselves as hegemonic with characteristics such as athleticism or leadership. Connell also mentions, “emphasized femininity” as the female’s version of hegemonic masculinity. Emphasized femininity is the exaggeration of female characteristics. It is described as the idea that women should accommodate to men’s wants and needs. Each of these masculinity ideologies fit within individual, interactional or structural levels of analysis. According to lecture, the individual level of analysis has to do with what is within a person’s gender, whether it is biological or psychological.…
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