Heidi Johnson Interview Essay

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I interviewed Heidi Johnson. She was born on August 27, 1979. She was born in Independence, Iowa. She has a pretty interesting life which I will tell you all about. Some major event where when my uncle was born because she was 4 and didn't want another brother. she felt that way for two years until she got a sister when she became really happy because she had a sister. When she was almost nine, she had to move to Winthrop, Iowa were Heidi had to make new friends which she did and she lived there until collage. Towards the end of joiner high, Heidi's friends left to a different state. She would still contact them in way's, but she made new friends. Heidi is not married and has two children. Her children are Marcus Sierra and Gabrielle…show more content…
She went two collage at Kirkwood community collage for two years. She got her pre- engineering there, and then transferred to Iowa State University. At Iowa State she got a bachelors degree in engineering. Heidi currently works at John Deere because of the education she got. Heidi's achievements are that she passed the fundamentals of engineering exam. In her mind, she considers watching her kids an achievement. Some of her interests are crafts. She loves doing crafts with her daughter. She also enjoys reading, sports and anything her kids are interested in. She even helps her son with sports by playing catch or kicking a ball back and forth. Her hobbies are crafts and keeping up with her daughter. Her daughter is very energetic so keeping up with her isn't always easy. I choose Heidi because she is my mom and she inspires me. She makes me want to better at the things I like, I am interested in math and science because of her and I want to be an engineer like her. She helps me with homework and helps me practice for baseball by playing catch. She always tries to be at my events. Heidi also makes me want to be as good as a parent as her. Most of all I choose her because with out her I wouldn't be the same without
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