Heidi Roizen, A Native Of Silicon Valley

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Heidi Roizen, a native of Silicon Valley and naturally gifted entrepreneur in the technology ecosystem. A sneak peek into her linked network profile says “I love working with entrepreneurs and executives to build great companies”. She has brilliantly managed building a strong network around herself during her course of life while concentrating on venture capitalism at the same time. She is outgoing, forward thinker and she can foresee opportunities that others miss. She faced a tough time working as one of the board directors in various companies and managing her strong network that she has built over the years. I believe that her strong networking skills and her outgoing/jovial attitude has led to her success and at no cost she should prioritize Venture Capitalism over Networking or vice versa. By adopting certain methodologies and with strong will, it is possible to manage both. For Heidi Roizen, it will be a cake walk. Heidi was great in maintaining and leveraging a network. She spent a lot of time to build professional associations because of which T/Maker, her own venture gained popularity and success. According to her, having access to people, consistency and performance were important factors in a building a relationship. Her immense contribution in solving strategic issues at Apple, where she worked as Vice President - World Wide Developed Relations, is commendable. She was involved in speaking with senior – level executives who were from competing companies and yet

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