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Theories/Frameworks to apply to this case from the course:
Article on " The necessary "Art of Persuasion"
Established Credibility.

Article " Harnessing the Science of Persuasion"
Reciprocity "Give what you want to receive"

Session 5 Slides:
Reciprocity "People feel a sense of obligation to people who have given them something" Slide 16
Commitments and Consistency  "People do what they believe is consistent with their commitments' Slide 16
Liking  People are more likely to do things for people they like
Network Style  Rainmaker – See slide 32

Article "What is Social Capital and Why Should you Care about it?’
Natural Talent
Influence and Effectiveness

Session 6 Slide
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Heidi Roizen has established a huge social capital through her large network. Through her effective and rich ties with different nuclei contacts she has access to variety networks.
Heidi possess a power through her large ray of personal and professional contacts. This is evident in which she can pick up the phone call and call any key person in within her industry and ask for favors. Its because of her power to influence she was able to recover Apple from declining phase by calling key developer companies and asking them to stay with the company until they recover this cyclical trough. She is able to leverage her relationships to further advance the companies she works at as well as connecting the suitable people with the right parties. Influence Press.
She is a very strong believer of reciprocity. Heidi only connects people with each other, when there is a mutual benefit for both parties.
Creative and mindful of utilizing resources, she was very mindful of other's busy schedule, therefore should would choose few times a year reaching out to the Nuclei representatives within different networks, to use her networks efficiently.

Heidi's network became so large that it became out of control. Since Heidi treated her networking as a full time job, she was failing to be effective and consistent in both sides; being a director in Venture Capital and being the Broker of her complex network.
She was a

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