Essay Height and Weight Data on High School Children

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Missing Some Graphs Handling Data Coursework Introduction This is based on fictional data on a school called Mayfield high school. I will be comparing two variables I have chosen to compare the relationship between the height and weight of the pupils in the school. It will be involving the following year groups seven, eight and nine. The data that I have been given to me is a secondary source, which was provided to me by teacher which was from the internet. The data has provided me with each pupils name, age, year group, height, hair and eye color, and the distance from home to school, traveling method, number of brothers and sisters and KS2 results. The aim of this investigation is to find out a relationship between two variables,…show more content…
The reason why I will do a stratified sample is because it will show the different proportions people by the year seven groups and gender. Therefore my data will be representative of Mayfield High School. Once I have collected the data I will then organise the heights and weights of the girls and boys of year seven in a grouped frequency table. I will then use this table to find the mean, mode, median the heights and weights of the males and females. I will then construct a cumulative frequency graph to find and locate the median, lower quartile, upper quartile. This will then be used to draw a box plot for the heights and weights of male and females. This data will be used to help me to conclude my hypothesis. To test hypothesis three i.e. the taller you are the heavier you are. I will carry out a stratified sample of 60 boys and girls I will use the data from hypothesis one and group them altogether in their own year group. I will then plot each person?s height and weight on a scatter diagram. I will then use this diagram to conclude my hypothesis. I will also try to draw the line of best fit to show the strength of the correlation. Plan of Action ? Data collection The table below shows the amount of people in each year group by male and female. It also shows the amount of people in each group. Year Group Female Male Total 7 8 9 From this table it will help me to determine the sample that I will need from each year group by gender. This
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