Heiltsuk First Nation Analysis

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“First Nations basketball player excluded from games, native identity questioned” by Tamsyn Burgmann and Gemma Karsten-Smith published in the February 15 Vancouver Sun talks about a mixed race, adopted first nations basketball player who was excluded from games and was later expelled from his team because his aboriginal identity was debatable. The type of discrimination that occurred in this article was racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is when a person is treated less favourably than another person in a similar situation race, colour, or ethnic origin.

Josiah Wilson was adopted as a baby from Haiti, he is African by race, carries an Indian status card, and is legally and ethnically a part of the Heiltsuk First Nation. In this
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Although I have always assumed that there was some kind of racism in the world, I never would have thought it would go as far as I have seen researching this article. The racial discrimination that took place in this article about Josiah Wilson surprised me in how racist the community I live in could be. Seeing it now, I know that many forms of discrimination have been happening around me, racial discrimination being one of them. People in the 2016 culture have grown up to believe that racism is morally wrong, but can still harmlessly get away with it. This form of discrimination occurs in many places, such as school, workplaces, on the streets, etc. Kids will be discriminated because they are Asian and accuse them of not being truly Asian since they didn’t follow through with the stereotype that had been labelled on them. A black man or woman may be discriminated in their ability to work because of the color of their skin or the culture of their ancestors. This has all happened sometime in our society today because people get away with their racist remarks or actions every single day everywhere across the
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