Heineken Brand: A Case Study

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1. In your opinion, what is Heineken’s brand?

In my opinion, Heineken’s brand focuses premium quality and tradition. In addition, Heineken places a great deal of significance on the consumer’s experience in relation to social events and gatherings. Rather than relying on the pure taste and overall quality of their beer, Heineken emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between the iconic beer itself and the beer’s sentimental effect. The Heineken brand upholds its traditions and ideals due to its long and sustained position within the beer industry. Because the company has always taken extraordinary pride in brewing the highest quality of lager, the Heineken brand has become an international symbol of flavor, tradition and superior quality. All in all, the corporation’s brand image is centered on providing premium beer and “The Heineken Experience” to consumers worldwide.

2. Why does Heineken have brand identity issues? Identify the factors that led to the case study on their brand identity.

Primarily, Heineken has brand identity issues because the company operates in various geographic segments. Also, instead of establishing a universal marketing strategy, Heineken and its subsidiaries developed unique strategic marketing plans for each segment. This strategy was forced when Heineken began license their products to foreign brewers. Although the licensing agreements aimed to identify how the Heineken brand should be marketed, Heineken ultimately could not specify how a
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