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Heineken Names: Hille Wijma Nico de With Marco Helder Klaas Jan Streekstra Jogchum Otten Class: BE2A Date: 13 March 2013 Tutor: H. van der Vaart Summary This report contains the overall business analyze of Heineken. First we start with an explanation of Heineken. We describe the company with the 7S model of McKinsey. This is a model about the structure, the systems, the style, the staff, the skills, the strategy and the shared values of Heineken. So it contains Heineken their strategy three important words: improve, empower and impact. The second chapter contains the analyses of the beer-industry. This analyze is described through the five forces of Porter. For example the bargaining power of…show more content…
Figure 10: TOWS Matrix of Heineken Foreword This report is about Heineken and contains the following subjects: Profile of the company, Analysis of Branch of Industry, Financial performance, Risk management, Growth management, Forecast, SWOT-analysis and the Conclusion. This report is made by: Hille Wijma, he is 20 years old. He

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