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Heineken N.V.: Global Branding and Advertising

1. Each student will read the case(s) ahead of time before attending to the class.
2. Your group will be assigned to one or several questions in class.
3. After a thorough group discussion, your group will outline/summarize your answers into a PPT file and drop it onto the Blackboard’s drop-box.
4. Your group will present and lead the discussion of the question(s) assigned to you. Although the group in charge will be the major discussants for the assigned question(s), it is highly recommended to have the rest of the class involved and participated in the discussion.
1. What are Heineken’s strengths and weaknesses? Is Heineken a global brand? Why or why not?
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That is undoubtedly case for Heineken. Analyzing its strengths and weaknesses it is clear that Heineken wasn’t a truly a global brand at the time the case was written, but was working on it. The confirmation of this is that the company’s presence in more than 170 countries all over the world. The brand is nationwide recognized, as a brand that was established in 19th century and from a local beer became a global icon. Heineken by working so hard on standardizing the brand image achieved its results. The goal for Heineken at the time was to build a demand for the product. In countries where the beer market is already mature like Japan, Australia or Spain Heineken never stopped growing. The obstacle for Heineken to become a global company was connected to the fact that Heineken’s marketing communication in many different countries was not consistent. Another obstacle that Heineken overcame over the years was the fact that it was difficult for the company to overcome the image of its beer as only for special occasions. To be global, Heineken must create the image and perception that Heineken is a daily beer. Also as of 1993, Heineken was associated in countries like Latin America as just only regular imported beer. To become global, the company needs to create advertising campaign in those countries emphasizing values of imported beer to build brand value and attract different customers. To be global Heineken needs to standardize its image and make it consistent
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