Heinrich Himmler: A Bisk, Autumn Night In Munich, Germany

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It was a brisk, autumn night in Munich, Germany when I, Heinrich Himmler, was born. It was October 7, 1900 to be exact. In 1913, my father, Gebhard, moved us to Landshut after my father received a job as an Assistant Principal. Although my father encouraged my studies, I had a dream to become an officer during World War I. In January of 1918, I began to train for officer candidacy, yet Germany signed an armistice that ended World War I before I finished my training. In turn, I graduated from high school in 1919 and studied agriculture at Technical University in Munich, but I still held onto my broken dream of the military. At the university, I joined a fraternity and read racist-nationalist literature called völkisch, which was pertinent to the right of…show more content…
Kisses. Your Heini.” -July 1942 I organized the camps in Poland, and I slaughtered millions of Jews to ensure racial purity. This made me feel a burning in blood that needed satisfied, but that was overshadowed by the power Hitler still held. I created a cheap labor force, and my actions advanced medical revolutions! Yet, Hitler was still in charge.
"I felt so sorry that I forgot our wedding anniversary for the first time. There was quite a lot going on these days. The fighting is very hard, especially for the SS" Next, I became the minister of the interior and plenipotentiary for Reich administration, and I expanded the Waffen-SS, or armed SS. From working as a secretary to controlling the intelligence network, I had finally earned my place in the Third Reich. Except, I was shunned for supposedly suffering from psychosomatic illnesses. I, Heinrich Himmler, had worked up to this point to surpass Hitler, but it all was taken from me. My own Hitler stripped me of my titles and ordered for my arrest. How Hitler knew of my intentions is a question I continuously ask myself. But, I tried to escape by dressing as a common soldier. Needless to say, I was captured by the Western
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