Heinrich Himmler's Role In Nazi Germany And The Holocaust

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When people are talking about who were the most evil people that were a part of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler should be the first person that comes to mind. Heinrich Himmler was one of the leading members of the German National Socialist party, or widely known as the German Nazis. Himmler was the leader of many operations during his time in Nazi Germany, with the Final Solution during the Holocaust being his most well known. Three reasons why people should learn about Heinrich Himmler when talking about the Holocaust is his role in the Final Solution, the SS (elite soldiers and officers), and in the invasion of Poland and the Soviet Union. Firstly, Heinrich Himmler is important to the Holocaust because of his role in…show more content…
This point shows that Himmler also devised the buildings that were used for the Final Solution. It shows that he was the creator of one the most deadliest killers of Jews and people during World War II, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Heinrich Himmler’s role in the Final Solution’s implementation, arrangement, and leadership over it makes Himmler an important learning point during the Holocaust. The second reason why Heinrich Himmler is important to the Holocaust is his role with the SS. The article called “Heinrich Himmler” by UXL Biographies states that “Hitler assigned Himmler the special task of building the SS into an organization of carefully selected men who would become the leaders of a new German race” (“Heinrich Himmler” UXL Biographies). This quote reveals that Himmler was the first person that was assigned with the idea behind the Holocaust. It also reveals when the beginning thoughts of the Final Solution started. Next, the same article states that Himmler “had SS men act as his agents in a reign of terror that swept through country after country after World War II began in 1939...rampaged through ghettos full of Jews, raping, robbing, murdering, and rounding up people to send to concentration camps” (“Heinrich Himmler” UXL Biographies). This part of the article reveals that Himmler led SS rounded up most of the Jews in Germany that were killed in the concentration camps
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