Heinrich Schliemann

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Heinrich Schliemann an archaeological treasure hunter.

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Heinrich Schliemann was born in Beubukow, Germany in 1822 and he died in 1890 at Naples, Italy. He received little education as a child, and first was enrolled at school at age 9. But he was later removed after his father could no longer afford payments, as he was accused of stealing church money. In the Christmas of 1829 Heinrich's father gave him a book entitled, an illustrated history of the world, by Ludwig Jerrer. These, along with other classical stories read to him by his father, especially Homer's Iliad, inspired him to one day uncover the city of Troy.

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Heinrich Schliemann is credited with the discovery of the city of Troy, the mask of
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His techniques have been criticised and he has been accused of lying and salting, a practice where he placed artefacts at a site to make him seem more credible. Heinrich Schliemann, whilst not a perfect archaeologist, has aided the cause of archaeology, he went against the methods of other archaeologists of his time. He moved from the collection gathering and treasure hunting, to a scientific approach of creating a hypothesis and then testing it. In his diary he said "my sole and only aim is to be able to establish a historical fact, on which I disagree with some eminent historians and
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