Heitor Villa Lobos : From Brazilian Music Of All Times

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Heitor Villa-Lobos: From Brazil to the World As time passes, many people are seen as great masters and others as just an addition to the society. The 20th century had a widely spread of extreme comfort and poverty. Many people during the Industrial Revolution saw new horizons, but that did not last long. Consequently, the Great Depression brought misery and even levels of poverty never seen in the United States. After these entire drastic events, music composers sought to create music pieces that inspire people around the world. One of these great composers was Heitor Villa-Lobos that without a doubt is one of the most important names in the classic Brazilian music of all times.
To understand what inspired Villa-Lobos, we have to take a look into history and its influence around the world and Brazil’s situations during his lifetime. Heitor Villa Lobos, born on March 5th 1887 in Rio de Janeiro, out of eight siblings was the only one who showed an artistic desire and appreciation towards music. During the late 1800s, Brazil had gain mayor interest in coffee fazendas . By 1889 coffee plantations grew to be one of the top products of export for Brazil. However, this also meant that Brazil was now more dependable of slavery and inhumane working hours. Moving on with the 20th century, Brazil encourages and seized its chance to open its borders leading to millions of immigrants. On the rest of the world things were beginning to change as well. In 1905, the U.S. Supreme

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