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Name:_______________________ Date/Period:__________________ Part 1 Henrietta Lacks Multiple Choice Questions Directions: Circle the best answer for each question.Each question has only one right answer. Use your knowledge of the book to help you answer each question. What genre is The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks? Biography Non-fiction Historical Fiction Creative Non-fiction Why did David Lacks take Henrietta to the public ward at John Hopkins instead of a closer hospital? He thought that Hopkins was the best hospital around. He knew that the hospital would respect his religious values. It was the only major hospital for miles that treated black patients. John Hopkins specialized in treating cancer patients. Who was…show more content…
He believes that she was exposed to chemicals from the steel mill in Turner Station. He believes that she behaved poorly during her life by running around with Crazy Joe and this was her punishment. He believed that it came from either a spirt or a doctor made the cancer and gave it to her. He believed that Henrietta had abnormalities in her DNA that caused her cancer. What happened when Henrietta was no longer allowed to have blood? She was discharged from the hospital and went home to die. Emmett Lacks donated his own blood to help Henrietta because she had let him live at her house. Emmett Lacks found his brother and some friends, all of whom had slept on Henrietta’s floor at one time or another to donate blood. Henrietta’s children all donated blood so their mother could be with them for a little while longer. What was Henrietta’s final request? She wanted Elise to be brought home and cared for by other members of the Lacks family. She wanted her cells to help people so no one else would have to suffer as she had. She wanted someone to make sure her cells were never used in scientific experiments. She wanted Day to take care of the children and not let anything bad happen to her children once she was gone. When the people of Turner Station mention Cofield what can you predict from their reaction? Cofeild tried to steal money from the Lacks family Cofield tried to get information on Henrietta Lacks and misused the information. Cofield
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