Helath Care Professionals Lack the Education and Training Necessary to Meet 21st Century Standards

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The IOM report To Err is Human revealed the chasm between quality care and patient safety in the United States. In response to the IOM report, the Health Professions Education (HPE) report concluded that nurses, doctors, and other allied health professionals lack the education and training necessary to meet 21st century healthcare needs. The report urged all health professionals to develop proficiency in five common core competencies:
• delivering patient-centered care
• working as part of interdisciplinary teams
• practicing evidence-based medicine
• focusing on quality improvement
• using information technology
(IOM, 2003)
Since then, the healthcare industry has been developing health information technological innovations to improve patient safety and outcomes.
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology is disseminating that health information technology facilitates significant advancements in healthcare quality and safety compared to paper records. However, health information technology can only achieve its fullest potential if risks linked with its use are recognized, if there is a coordinated effort to mitigate those risks, and if it is use to make care safer. (p. 1)
“The Health IT Patient Safety Action and Surveillance Plan addresses the role of health IT within Health…
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