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Heritage Assessment Heritage Assessment An individual has their own ethnic, religious and cultural background and they share the thoughts among families or the same ethnic background and take over the tradition and culture from generation to generation. Looking at someone’s heritage, it includes traditional health methods how a particular ethnic background people to maintain health, protect health and restore health. I would like to discuss about health traditions; health maintenance, health protection and health restoration among with three different culture; Philippine, Hispanic and Japanese. Health Maintenance Health maintenance deals…show more content…
In Japanese culture, they believe some foods are categorized hot and cold. For instance, the vegetable with roots like radish and ginger are considered to be a hot food and consuming those food to maintain the body temperature warm and keep a good blood circulation. On the other hand, some vegetables make the body temperature cooler are cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes. More Japanese eat those vegetables making some salad and consume more during a hot summer moth to lower the body temperature. Hispanic classifies diseases “hot” and “cold.” The examples of “Hot” diseases are diabetes and hypertension verses “Cold” diseases are mistral cramps and pneumonia. (Maria Hernandez, personal communication, April 29, 2014). People believe that they can avoid illness by balancing and maintaining between. Moreover, in Hispanic culture, there is a belief called “evil eye” that uses turquoise to eliminate bad stuff, protect their health and avoid harmful event to them. People in the Philippine are very religious and their dominant religion is Catholic. They go to church and attend mass weekly. They pray diety and worship for (Mary Smith, personal communication, April 30, 2014). Health Restoration Health Restoration deals with beliefs and home remedies that people would use to help restore their health. This means that once a person is diagnosed with some illness, how they approach and treat illness. “Asian folk

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