Held And Mcgrew Summary

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In Held and McGrew writings they discussed the globalist and sceptics economic debate on globalization. The globalist and the sceptics both gave their own perspective on how globalization relates to economy. The sceptic believes the global economy is far from being integrated. From a sceptical analysis, the world economy activity is mainly focused on Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Thus, “This tribalization of the world economy is associated with a growing tendency towards economic and financial interdependence within each of these three zones at the expense of integration between them” (Held and McGrew p. 20) Generally speaking there cannot be integrated global economy if only dominant countries are profiting and only working with…show more content…
Chomsky stated, “globalization in their sense means they have more control of the wealth, power in the world (Discussion on Globalization, 1:54). It is clear here that investors are winners because they are doing what they believe with benefit in their favor. The losers are everyone else who are not the investors.
The Film Matamoros shows the free trade between America and Mexico effect the living standards of people living in Matamoros, Mexico. The companies that moved to Matamoros because of its “low taxes and cheap labor. They often ignore pollution control and worker’s health standards” (Matamoros, 1:21). Clearly, America companies are winners, because they are profiting over sacrifice of the Mexican people. Thus, leaving the people from Matamoros to be the losers. The Film No Logo, they discussed companies like Nike who had contracts with Japan to make their shoes, until it got too expensive and started to make contacts with other countries who was willing to make shoes cheaper. “where countries are outbidding each other for who can abuse their workers more” (No logo, 23:34). Foreign Malfunction factories are willing to treat their workers poorly, just satisfied big companies like Nike. According to this film, the winners are the private investments because they are the ones who has control of the
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